House Sampler

      Your choice of three of the following:  
  Buffalo Wings  Cajun Chicken Strips Veggie Potato Skins $15.95
  Mozzarella Sticks Jalapeno Poppers Chicken Taquitos    
  Onion Rings      

Lofte's Bar and Grill Salt Lake City Airport Buffalo Wings




Buffalo Wings/Buffalo Sauce or Teriyaki Sauce


   Chicken wings deep fried to a crisp golden

   brown and tossed in our special red pepper

   sauce or teriyaki sauce and served with ranch dressing.


Onion Rings

     Lightly breaded  fried to a golden brown and served with our                                      

    homemade marinara sauce.




Choice of 10 Mozzarella Cheese Sticks or Jalapeño Poppers

    Or Beef Taquitos                                     

    Homemade marinara sauce.



Cajun Chicken Strips

     Spicy Chicken Tenders deep fried to a crisp golden brown and served                      

    with fresh carrot and celery sticks and ranch dressing.


Chips and Salsa
     Add Cheese $2.00

Lofte's Bar and Grill Salt Lake City Airport Nachos





Spicy beef and black beans on a bed of homemade corn    

tortilla chips topped with cheese, diced tomatoes,    

green onions, black olives and jalapenos.    


Served with sour cream, homemade guacamole, and salsa.   



Sweet Potato Fries

Fries                                                                                             $6.25
     Add Cheese  $2.75
     Add Chili  $2.95


Vegetable Potato Skins

     Potato Skins stuffed with cheddar and jack cheeses, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Served with your 

    choice of ranch or homemade blue cheese dressing.


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